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December 28, 2015

What Cutthroat Kitchen has taught me about my goals and finances

December 28, 2015

10 life lessons that 2015 has taught us

December 28, 2015

10 life lessons that 2015 has taught us

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The last week of December has my sister and I focusing on the good, the bad and the ugly life lessons that 2015 has taught us. We’ve laughed, we cried, but ultimately 2015 has been pretty good to us.

Your light will be too bright for some people, shine anyway.

You’ve probably lost some friends this year, heck you’ve even probably lost a boyfriend or girlfriend. If 2015 has taught us anything it’s that your light isn’t meant for everyone. Some people prefer dim lighting and that’s ok. You weren’t born to be dim my darling. You were born to flourish and shine. Don’t you dare turn down your brightness to make other people feel comfortable, do you hear us?!  Instead find another light that will shine just as bright as you and love your bright setting.

My sister once asked me: Why do you run away from everything you’re truly good at?

These eleven words were pivotal to 2015, and they changed my life. At the time, I was upset so I didn’t want to hear it. I thought, what does she mean I’m running away? I’m not running! But in reality, I was. I was afraid of the responsibility that would come with embracing my talents. I had to decide that it was time to accept me for me; which meant no more running away from the things I was born to do.

Pay attention to the lessons life is trying to teach you.

I believe that everything we go through, good or bad, serves as a purpose to help shape us.  Sometimes we think we know what’s best for us, we’ll have the path all mapped out in our heads, then life steps in and be like nah. Those moments that deter us from doing something, actually propel us into the direction we were meant to go in the first place. Once we become aware, we will see that these lessons are blessings in disguise.


Sometimes what you want isn’t necessarily what’s going to make you happy.

What’s meant to make us happy, will do so effortlessly. Oftentimes we try to force something that isn’t supposed to be, in turn it’s like trying to jam the wrong puzzle piece into the wrong spot, knowing it’s never going to fit.

Celebrate where you are.

So often we are reaching towards the next goal, and the next achievement, that we don’t even get the chance to celebrate how far we’ve already come. I didn’t notice I wasn’t appreciating how far I’ve come with this blog until someone else pointed it out to me. “Candice you’ve come such a long way with your blog since last year. Your website was completely different, even your writing has changed.” They were right. It’s crazy that it took someone else to notice in order for me to stop and smell the roses.

Don’t let your metrics be the main measure of your success because it will drive you crazy.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the numbers and compare ourselves to other people’s metrics. I admit there have been times this year when I was upset about how many people have read a blog post, when in reality I should be grateful that this little ol blog is helping to change people’s lives. Even if it’s one person! I can’t forget why I started blogging in the first place: to help people. My mentor put it this way:


“Page views are one of many kinds of vanity stats. They make you feel good but ultimately are empty. What is the use of visitors if they never have a reason to go deeper with you? You are connecting with real people. They can say you are making an impact in their lives; that’s the metric you should be tracking.”


It’s ok if your goals change.

Earlier in the year, one of my goals was to max out my Roth IRA ($5,500) by April 2016. However, as time went on I realized that this goal wasn’t really one of my main priorities. Instead, I had to focus on getting rid of one of my student loan debts. You can change your goals at any moment without the need to feel as though you owe anyone an explanation. After all, change means growth, and who doesn’t want to grow?

Protect your energy.

We don’t have to feel obligated to go somewhere or be somewhere if we truly don’t want to be there. Oftentimes people get offended if you don’t want to do the same things as everyone else. It’s okay to break away and do our own things if it means protecting our energies. We don’t have to be around the same people if we don’t want to be. Take inventory of how you feel around certain people. You’re number one. Put yourself first. When you say yes to everything you are really saying no to yourself.

Pray throughout the day

Starting and ending my days in prayer allows me to reflect on all of the good that’s happened and all of the good to come. Praying throughout the day is taking the gratitude a step further, because it allows us to be mindful of every little blessing we may overlook if we didn’t open our eyes to it.

We deserve a break it’s ok to Netflix and chill.

Be sure to schedule some time with yourself to do nothing, and don’t be late to this appointment.

If you’re like me, you are your biggest critic. You want to keep getting better at your craft and also continue to grow as an individual, but we deserve a break every now and then. It’s healthy to take a day to rest, to make sure we get enough sleep to rejuvenate; we actually think better when we give our brains a break. Think of it this way: when a computer is on all day it overheats itself, and eventually it needs to be powered off, same applies to our brains, Pinky.

What are some key lessons that 2015 have taught you?

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