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April 24, 2013

Because Warren Buffet Said So

April 24, 2013

Are you driving your money to the right destinations?

April 24, 2013
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Are you driving your money to the right destination?

Many of you have already received your tax refund for this year.  What did you do with that money? Use it to start your 3-6 month emergency fund? Pay off credit card debt? Used it to start a business? I hope you did something smart with at least half of the money you got back.  If you keep using your money to buy frivolous things that wont make your money grow, then next year when you get your taxes back and you see how much you made, you will continue to wonder “where did my money go?”

If you don’t start to save and invest your money, you won’t see any of the benefits now or in the future.  Yes those shoes look lovely on you my dear, but how does your bank account look?  How do you plan to make your money grow this year? Next 5 years? Next 20 years? How much money each month are you putting aside for retirement? These are the important questions you need to ask yourselves.

I seriously had to ask myself those same questions.  After years of collecting clothes and shoes (I’ve gotten so much better), I had to stop myself and ask: What do I have besides these material things? What is my net worth?  How can I change my finance habits and start to actually make my money grow? All you have to do is read to figure it out.  Josaline and Stevie Jay aren’t doing anything for your personal finances unless you work for VH1!  There are tons of books out there that can guide you and your money in the right direction.  I was listening to a video famous life coach Toni Robinson a few weeks ago and he brought up some really great points:

“You invest so you have an income for the rest of your life without working.  Spend less than you earn. Invest the difference, then reinvest it. We make things more complex than it really is. You must pick out a minimum financial goal, specific amount of your income that you will invest; each month, each year.  If you are going to change things, you have to put yourself in a position where you are investing a certain amount each month.  Paying your investments before your bills, have it automatically drawn from your accounts.  Success in life comes from good judgment and decisions. Every person is going to make a mistake in life. If you do the right thing at the wrong time, you get pain.  If you plant in the winter, when fall comes you won’t be rewarded.  If you don’t understand that the seasons are changing you are in trouble. Out of the money you have to invest, create 3 buckets:

  • The 1st bucket is a security bucket (6 months of cash just in case, Roth IRA, insurance; your home is not an investment, put home in security bucket, if you don’t have a home you will be stressed out).

  • The 2nd bucket is a growth investment bucket; this one is greater loss no guarantee.

  • The 3rd bucket is the dream bucket.”

Everyone can do it.  All it takes is having discipline.  I believe in all of you! Don’t let another year go by without having a proper destination for your money! If you have any questions or comments feel free to write below or you can email me at



Thank you Toni Robinson!

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