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May 10, 2014

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May 10, 2014

3 reasons not to let your dreams die

May 10, 2014
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3 reasons not to let your dreams die

Since mother’s day is Sunday I thought I would let my mom write a blog post. Hope you enjoy!

The day is here, when I will be walking across the stage to receive my bachelor’s degree.  This has been my dream for more than 20+ years. Due to my choice to become a mother at the age of 19, I had to put my dreams on hold.  My priority was to be a good mom and be there for my daughter.  Although, I never thought it would take this amount of time to get back into school, but it was well worth the wait.    Some of you might be thinking, it’s only a bachelor’s degree, but it’s more than a bachelor’s degree, it’s a dream fulfilled.

My words of encouragement are for anyone who has dreams that have not come to pass…. Believe in your dreams, and don’t let them die.  No matter how long it may take you to accomplish your dream or goal, once it’s done it creates a sense of accomplishment within yourself and no one can take that away.  Some of you might be thinking why did it take so long?  As I mentioned above, I had my beautiful daughter at age 19 and from that decision, I had to become a responsible adult and accountable for my choice. With the support and guidance of my mother, I decided to put my education on hold and get a job, so I could get an apartment and provide for my daughter.  I was able to secure a good job and my mother was there for me in providing childcare for my daughter.

The thought of going to school was always on my mind.  I kept saying to myself, I’m going back to school to get my bachelor’s degree.  Well as time went on, I was married and had two additional bundles of joy.  My dream of finishing school was still there, but it seemed so out of reach.  Now since I had three children and was working full time, when would I find the time to finish school?  For some reason, whenever I get the desire to apply to finish school, I felt guilty because I knew that I wanted my children to go to college and I wanted to be there to support them.  I didn’t want to amass a large amount of debt in loans to pay for my college, I wanted to take loans out to help my children complete their college education, so I waited and as I waited, I kept the dream of attending college In my mind and heart.

Learning is a lifelong experience and if you stop learning, you stop growing and forming into a better you.  Going back to college may not be your dream, but whatever your dreams are, learn as much as you can about them.  Become an expert in that subject; let it become a part of you.

As we journey through life, and experience the ups and downs of living, you have to believe your time will come.  I didn’t make my dream an idol and sacrifice my life and family for it.  Instead I sacrificed my dreams so that I could help other people dreams come true.  I kept my dream alive inside of me, hoping one day I would have the opportunity to see it come true.  Now since that day has come, I can only give thanks to my God for giving me the grace and strength to do the work.  Although I adopted two beautiful children, before I decided to go back to college, I was not going to let them be an excuse for me now.  This was my time.

No matter what age you are, or how long your dreams seem to be on hold, if your reason for accomplishing this dream is good and selfless, you can do it and you will enjoy doing it. No complaining, no excuses, just pure momentum.  Once you are in the environment to make your dreams happen, do it with gratitude and be thankful and before you know it, it’s done and now you can begin to fulfill another dream or help another person’s dreams come true. Remember imagination has no boundary. Believe in yourself and make it happen, no matter how long it takes.

 “The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.” ― Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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