How do I make the right choice between wants and needs?

July 13, 2016

Lessons our dad taught us about money and life

July 13, 2016

Finding ways to work around your weaknesses

July 13, 2016


Growing up we always hear people telling us to work on our weaknesses, well today I have a different message. Forget them!

Do you know how many things I’m not good at? I don’t have enough time to list them all, but there are plenty of things that I suck at, I just choose to hone in on my strengths and you should too.

In today’s video I’m talking about how to work around your weaknesses. I’m not telling you to quit things that you want to acomplish if you’re not naturally good at them, I’m just suggesting ways you can work around it. You can still acomplish your goals even if the skills don’t come naturally.

It’s super important that you know what your skills/ strengths are if you aren’t too sure take some time today to think about them. It can be hard at times identifying something that just comes easy to us, but we must do it. What’s the last thing someone complimented you on? Or a task that you do really well at work? What kind of books do you find yourself drawn too?

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