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April 28, 2016

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April 28, 2016

Forget Becky, did you hear these 3 money tips in Lemonade?

April 28, 2016


I know it’s not an artist’s job to teach us how to handle our money, it’s a job that each of us must take on ourselves. However, I couldn’t help but hear the money messages that were popping up a few times and wanted to shed light on the money advice that queen Bey was giving us.  Let’s put the hot sauce down, and forget about Becky for a second and turn our attention to our finances.

“Stop interrupting my grindin”

Yesss! I loved this because it’s so important to have your own goals. Your own life, your own vision and not be so wrapped up in your man’s dreams and goals. You were born with a purpose to fulfill in the world. The key is to find someone who gets it. Who gets you and your hustle. Who understands that you won’t be all up under him all the time because you’ve got dreams you’re chasing.

The person you’re with should be there to support you and your dreams, not steer you away from your dreams and goals.

Being with someone that matches your drive and ambition is important.  Remember you can not change people. If you meet them and they’re not an ambitious person, you’re not going to be able to wave your wand and say bippity boppity boo have ambition. You have to love them for who they are or find someone who matches your fly, beloved.

I know it can be tough. Years ago I was sitting across the dinner table from a man I was dating and he said to me. “Candice I’m never going to be the man that you want me to be. I’m never going to be that guy that you’re trying to mold me into. I’m just not him. ” He was right.

I couldn’t force him to read the books I wanted him to read, or to want more out of his life. He had to want that for himself. He taught me a valuable lesson that day.

If ya’ll ambition isn’t similar you will start to feel as though you guys aren’t on the same level. You’ve won when you found someone that can match your mental.


“She’s too smart to crave material things…she pushes herself…stacking her paper.”

I know we all like to #slay and look our best, but our money goals must become more important than our hunger for material things. We must change our mindset and redefine our definition of luxury.

How many, shoes, and purses do you actually need? Once you buy a product your money is gone. It isn’t giving you any money in return. It is not an asset it is a liability because it’s taking money out of your pocket.

Let’s crave to invest in ourselves whether it’s a new class, or a new experience, a new business or even stocks.  You work hard for your money, so let your money work for you. Don’t let consumer- it is rear it’s ugly head and brainwash you into thinking your life will be better off with material things.


“She loves the grind, she grinds from Mon-Friday works from Friday to Sunday.  Stacking money everywhere she go”

This lyric was giving me the multiple streams of income vibe which is the key to making it in this life. When people reach out to me and they’ve squeezed all they can out of their budget and are still struggling the only advice I can give is you must find ways to make more money. I talk more about this in an older post the perfect advice for anyone who’s struggling to make ends meet. There are really only 4 things you can do if at the end of the money you don’t have enough money:

After budgeting and praying, the only thing I can say is to

  1. Find a way to get a promotion.
  2.  Find another job, know your worth and get a job with a higher salary (You should listen to podcast she gives great career advice)
  3.  Get a part time job.
  4. Take your skills and create your own side hustle.
  5. Hope you win the lottery.

Get you a side hustle honey. Think of the skills that you have that you can offer to the world. Be like DJ Khaled. Yes, he is a DJ, but he’s a hustler. Although he made it from being a DJ, now he’s a marketing genius. He literally turned his life into a lifestyle brand.

Need another example look at Kylie Jenner. Does she need more money? Probably not, but do you think that’s going to stop her from hustling to make more. Sure isn’t. She not only makes money from brands but also from her lip stick and now she has a bikini line coming out.
If these moguls who are worth millions have more than one stream of income and hustle what makes you think that your 9-5 money is enough? I talk more about side hustles in this post: want your money to do back flips, start a side hustle.

I loved how this album had a lot of empowering messages hidden within it. Let’s remember that even though we may be in a relationship that we can’t forget about our own dreams, goals, and money. Don’t let anyone interrupt your grind, redefine your definition of luxury and don’t let material things consume you. Lastly, let’s get these multiple streams of income popping. There were a few other money messages in Lemonade. Drop a comment below and let me know what your favorite one was.

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Soooo just wondering if y'all downloaded my #free slay your debt guide yet. And if you haven't what you waiting for?! Link in bio

Soooo just wondering if y’all downloaded my #free slay your debt guide yet. And if you haven’t what you waiting for?!

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