How to create a plan for your debt so that you can pay it off the fastest way possible.

I’m Candice Marie. I help people who have credit card, store card and student loan debt create a plan to get rid of their debt while align their spending with their goals. So that you’ll not only walk away with a custom money plan, but also have a reason to stick to it.

So you can help my debt disappear?

Not exactly any service that’s claiming to erase your debt is lying and you should run away lol. I know it would be great if their was a magic wand that could wave and make your debt disappear, but let’s be honest beloved it’s going to take some changes in your habits, your money mindset, time and dedication, but you will make progress on your debt.

Let’s look at my client Keshna for example: When I first started working with her she had a ton of credit card and student loan debt, very little savings, and spent lots of money eating out. I helped he realize her real priorities and since then she’s paid off three of her credit cards, one Sallie Mae loan, increased her 401k by 1% and  now has $12,000 in savings.

If you feel like your money is scrambled in your head and you don’t know have much you have to put towards your debt each month which eventually leads to you just paying the minimum balance and keep it moving.

I would love to help you create a plan for your money to find the hidden problems you may not be aware of in your current spending habits.

You can book a free 10 min discovery session to see if we’re a good fit, before I dive deeper to conduct extensive inspection of your finances and fix the leaks so that your spending habits can finally align with your lifetime goals.

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