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March 30, 2015

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March 30, 2015

Why you don’t need a master’s degree to succeed

March 30, 2015
master's degree

Why you don’t need a master’s degree to succeed

After people get married, usually everyone starts to ask them when are they going to have a baby? Which can be a tad bit offensive. How do you even know they want to have children? How do you know they can even have children? Well the same is true when it comes to asking someone “When are you going to get your master’s degree?” I know you’re probably thinking, “Candice, those two questions are completely different.” Hear me out though. How do you know that I plan on getting my master’s degree? How do you know I can afford to add more debt to my plate? How do you know that I’m not quite content with having my bachelor’s degree?

I had been invited to one of my dad’s friend’s dinner parties. Mid way though stuffing stuffed shells into my mouth, a man to my right asked, “So… Candice, when are you getting your Master’s degree?” “I don’t plan on getting my master’s degree,” I responded. He was a little surprised by my response. A sense of shock, or disbelief as if I were a five-year-old telling him that I didn’t believe in Santa Clause.

I don’t feel like a master’s degree is necessary for where I’m going. Now if you have a career where you absolutely need it to take you to the next level, by all means do your thang baby! Or even if you can go get your degree for free. However for myself the only debt I want to add to my pile is debt from owning real estate.

Don’t get me wrong; I believe that you’re never done learning. I believe that people should continue to read books, take a course here and there, attend conferences and even get a certificate to keep improving their skills. I don’t feel like I have to add on $60,000 of debt in order to further myself. I know this concept may sound strange to the not so young anymore crowd, but I’ve heard too many master degree horror stories where people rack up all this debt and don’t end up getting paid a dime more than they would have if they only had their bachelor’s degree. Or even worst not even using the degree at all, have a change of heart and go into a completely different career with Sallie may running behind them saying you can run, but you can’t hide I still need my money. I’m all set.

Somewhere out there, a student is stressing out because they haven’t finished their project that’s due at midnight or studied enough for their exam that’s at 9:00 a.m. Monday morning. I guess college was good for finding a way to get things done under pressure. This is a skill that you will need in the real world. As far as everything else you will need to know for the real world you will learn it on the job. Ok maybe that’s not the only thing college taught me, I guess I did get a better understanding of how to use tools in Adobe’s Creative Suite. However the projects I did in school were nothing like the projects that I do at work.

It’s upsetting because there is a gap between what the employers are looking for and what professors are actually teaching. There needs to be an annual college and employer conference that the professors and employers can attend and really bridge that gap between what’s being taught and what employers are looking for. So when you go to show your employer your pretty little portfolio they’re not like oh that’s cute, but how can we use this at our company? Alright maybe they won’t say “that’s cute,” but you know what I mean.

Ok enough about my College was a trap and now I have all these student loans to pay off rant because I am thankful for my undergrad degree and like my mom always says “Education is one thing they can’t take away from you.”

I want to talk a little bit about this course I’ve been taking called real life experience 101. I think one of the coolest things you can do is to push yourself, even when you’re afraid to do something. That’s what I’ve been doing lately. From writing an e-book (Which can be purchased here, yes I had to throw in a shameless plug, don’t judge me), to doing radio interviews, working with people one on one to help organize their finances, giving workshops and speaking at events I was afraid. I didn’t let the fear stop me from moving forward.


Two years ago when I started this blog I honestly didn’t think this is what I would be doing. Me, talking in front of people, no way! Me, writing blog posts weekly? Get out of here; I didn’t go to school to be a writer. My grammar and spelling skills are not up to par, yet here I am writing another weekly post. I’ve been pushing my fears to the side and just going for it and I’m learning so much. Don’t get me wrong I’m making plenty of mistakes too, but that just comes with the territory.

Nothing beats hands on experience. There are people with all the degrees in the world who still haven’t figured out what they want to do in life. Heck, I’m still trying to figure it out for myself, but I’d rather figure it out without racking up so much student loan debt. Without reading the rule book, and remembering that there are no rules to this.

You can read all the books you want, but until you are out there really doing it you won’t learn as much. So I challenge you to get out there and get your hands dirty even if you’re afraid. You will learn, you will grow, and you will keep getting better.

With all my love,
Candice Marie


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