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October 27, 2014

How to build wealth: Change your money mindset

October 27, 2014

Is This Life: Is it tough doing this blog, being a entrepreneur, and dating?

October 27, 2014
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Last week I had the chance of being interviewed by two awesome guys who go by the name of Lindsey Gamble and Jonathan Howell.  They have a podcast called Is this Life and I feel honored to be the first lady on their podcast.  It was definitely a fun interview with a ton of laughs.  We talked about everything from saving money, to first dates and who should pay.  For those who don’t have time to listen to the full audio I’ve highlighted a few questions and answers below.  Enjoy!

4:32 Jonathan: Tell us about your blog?

Me: Young Yet Wise started off as a college project.  Back then it was called Things I wish I knew when I was 18 and I would go around campus asking people what’s one thing they wish they knew when they were 18 and eventually that project turned into my blog.



Lindsey Gamble: I’ve read your financial posts on investing and saving money.  We are all African Americans in here and for some reason, not to say all African Americans, but we don’t have the same standards of investing or knowledge of being very careful with our money because our culture is really based on buying the latest products or consumerism.  We’ll spend money on some new sneakers as opposed to investing in something important.  Just talk about what you wrote in that article about being smart, saving money, and investing.


6:25 Me:  Actually when I started the blog and I was interviewing different people asking them what’s one thing they wish they knew, many people would say they wish they knew more about money and how to save and how to invest because it was something they were struggling with, which is why I chose healthy finances as one of my 3 pillars to focus on.  Like you said I think we just get caught up in consumerism, and that’s why last week I loved your podcast about making sacrifices because it does take sacrifices to save money and invest money.  I went to the sneaker store last week, I just wanted a pair of all black sneakers and every shoe cost $100.00 or $120.00, which is crazy because Nike’s stock price right now isn’t even $100 a share.  Last week it was $98.00, but this week it went down because Converse filed a lawsuit against them so I think it went down to $84.00.

It’s just crazy that a share of Nike is cheaper than the actual shoe itself and you’re not getting dividends or making a profit off of that sneaker once you buy it.  I think it’s important that we learn how to save (because consumerism is a weakness).  Another thing is our parents didn’t really have money to save and invest because they were worrying about keeping a roof over our heads,


12:32 Lindsey Gamble: What are the pro’s and cons of being a female entrepreneur?

Me:I guess a con for me would be letting your brand consume you.  Sometimes I feel like I struggle with that.  You know when people give birth to a baby, they’re always taking photos of it, they’re always talking about it and sometimes I feel the same way about about my brand, it’s so easy to become obsessed.  You want to talk about it all the time, work on it all the time so I think you just have to find a balance….I also had to learn that everyone isn’t my audience and not to focus on the critics, instead focus on the people who are supporting me.


28:56 Jonathan: Is it tough doing this blog, being a entrepreneur, and dating, do the two get in the way?

Me: I feel like sometimes it is tough making sacrifices.  Sometimes I feel like I’m so attached to my dreams, where that’s all I want to focus on.  Not to say that I don’t want to make time for other people, but if you’re not really focused than I don’t want to hang with you.


30:14 Jonathan: What do you look for in a guy?

Me: Last week I was watching an interview with Vivica Fox and she was saying she use to just fall for for abs and a smile, but realized they just kept breaking her heart. In my case I feel like men with beards, no offense but they tend to be heart breakers. lol Just joking : D, No I just think anybody that’s there to support me and my dreams.   Somebody that’s ambitious as well where we can be partners.  Having somebody to build with, that’s an important part for me.  So a guy who’s ambitious that can motivate and inspire me.  It has to be someone that’s going somewhere and has goals because you can’t just be at home watching world star hip hop videos all day.


31:20 Jonathan: I know you said the elements of the person, but do looks play a part into your ideal guy as well?

Me:I do think looks play a part of it, I feel like when I was younger that’s all I really I looked at like “oh my gosh he’s so handsome.”  Now it’s like he’s handsome, but what else can he do, what else is he bringing to the table besides his looks? 


33:40 Lindsey Gamble: What is your ideal first date, and who should pay?

Me: I think a good first date is coffee, or a walk in the park, the movies is not a good first date.  Any place I can walk and talk get to know the person, maybe even a book store….I think if it’s the first date and you’re going out for coffee I think he should pay, especially if he asked me out.    If you’re going out to dinner I don’t think she should be ordering lobster.  She should be conscious of his pockets.  So you shouldn’t be ordering 5-6 drinks, some lobster, shrimp, and asking for dessert and a meal to bring home for your daughter.

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 11.38.48 PM

Thanks again to Is this Life podcast for interviewing me.  You guys be sure to listen to their awesome other podcasts. The month of October has been fun.  We focused on getting out of debt and getting our financial inventory together.  For the month of November I will be talking more about relationships, so stay tuned!

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