2013 has taught me plenty

February 17, 2014

Investing 101: If you aren’t investing you’re losing.

February 17, 2014

Read this when you feel like giving up on your dreams

February 17, 2014
10 things 2013 has taught me
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Determination and Persistence have been best friends for years now. Persistence knew that Determination and Fear wouldn’t be together for long. It was only a matter of time before the two would call it quits, and then he would be there waiting for her. One day while out at dinner with her boyfriend, Fear, and his two homies, Worry and Doubt, Determination got into a huge argument. Fear exclaimed, “See that’s your problem, Determination, you think your ideas are gonna take you some place! You have all these stupid dreams, but what if they don’t work out? What if you spend all your time and money on them and they fail? You think people are really going to be there to support you?” Doubt chimed in, “You know D, I think Fear is right. I mean you honestly believe you’re gonna make it? How many people who follow their dreams really make it out the hood anyway? You think you’re gonna beat the odds?”

Determination had enough. She couldn’t deal with Fear anymore, or his buddies Doubt and Worry for that matter. She didn’t want to be around them and their negativity, so that night she broke up with Fear. She called up Persistence, crying “P, they don’t believe in me! Maybe Fear and Doubt are right about my dreams, what if I don’t make it?” Persistence replied, “Look D, the only limitation you have are those you place upon yourself! You will never know if you don’t even try, and if you fail the first time you gotta find a way to make it better and keep adjusting, keep failing and keep learning until you succeed. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but it’s the only way and I’ll be here by your side, every step.”

Eventually Determination and Persistence got married and gave birth to a beautiful baby named Success. Of course Fear realized what he had lost; he tried to reach out to Determination every now and then to tell her how much he missed her, but she wasn’t having it. She had a new life now, and she wasn’t going to look back and let fear ruin anything. Raising Success wasn’t easy, though. Many of their friends had babies as well, but they soon found out that every baby was different. No two babies were exactly the same, so they couldn’t all follow the same rules on how to raise Success. There were times when Determination and Persistence felt like failures. Were they really cut out to raise a child? On T.V. they made it look so easy: a beautiful baby that you can dress up and show off to the world, but it was more than that. It took tons of patience, money, time, and hard work to raise Success.

Eventually, Success grew up. All of those years of hard work, money, time, and patience paid off. Determination and Persistence didn’t read Success 101: How to Raise the Perfect Baby, because the truth is, there is no such thing as perfect. Giving up on Success wasn’t even an option. They had to make it work. Throughout the years, of course they shed some tears, lost some friends, ran into many obstacles; Success takes patience and perseverance.

Determination and Persistence had to have faith, and know that one day everything would work out. Maybe not tomorrow, or next week, or even next month, but eventually they will. May you too give birth to Success one day, when you’re ready. Remember, you were built to conquer circumstances, solve problems, and attain goals.

As Always be wise, stay humble and build : )

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