How to manage your money during the holidays

December 14, 2016

Debt Slaying Challenge: Interview with Keshna

December 14, 2016

How to make sure you will reach your 2017 money goals

December 14, 2016
Pay off debt fast joining a debt support group to keep you accountable! Great read

As the year comes to an end I know there are a ton of money goals that you wanted to reach this year, but for whatever reason you didn’t get to reach them.

In the video below I talk about how to make sure you will reach your money goals in 2017.

Video Highlights:

  • What you claim your want < Your actions.
  • A vision board isn’t enough, you need to sit down create a plan and put it in a place you can see every day.
  • I’ve also started adding Bible scriptures next to my goals.
  • Money mindset is key because if you can’t see it in your mind, and believe it’s possible it will be harder for you to take action.
  • Surround yourself with likeminded people who have similar goals as you.

If getting rid of you debt is a priority for you next year my How to eliminate debt fast book is still available. If you’re interested in joining my 6 week master class on The Strategy to building a wealthy 2k17   in January you should because we will be learning about how to stick to your budget, how to save more money, how to pay off your debt fast, and the basics of how to start investing.

If you’re not interested in group coaching I now have one on one debt elimination plan sessions available book your session here.
The Debt Slaying Challenge: Eliminating Debt Fast

What are some of your money goals for the New Year? Comment below.


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