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January 23, 2016

How to pay off debt: first change your mindset

January 23, 2016

Tax preparation: 5 Real AF ways to spend your tax refund

January 23, 2016

First of all let’s talk about how much this post title makes me laugh. We all have that one friend that uses AF after everything they say.

“Yo these wings are good af”

“Yo bro Big Sean’s album natural af like he ain’t even trying”

For those of you that know me, you know I don’t swear which makes this post title even funnier.

Anyway it’s TAX SEASON #inserttwerkhere

And for those of you who want to be Debbie Downers “Well in reality you shouldn’t even get a tax refund back, it’s not a good thing it means that the government is taking your money and blah blah blah”

People have a right to take more money out of their taxes up front, or wait take out less and use it later.

There’s this wonderful thing called choice. Let people liveeeee.

Today I’m giving you some ideas on how you could potentially use your tax refund money. Four years ago I finally decided to do something smart with my money and opened up an investment account with Charles Swab, the year after that I used some of the money to open up a Roth IRA Account. #adulting

What are you going to do with your tax refund money this year? Use it to start your 6-month emergency fund? Pay off credit card debt? Used it to start a business? Go on vacation? Baecation? (hope they chipping in lol)

Well I want you to win this year, even if you only use half of your tax refund towards your money goals it will put you ahead of a lot of people.

  If you keep using your money to buy frivolous things that won’t make your money grow, then next year when you get your taxes back and you see how much you made, you will continue to wonder “where did my money go?”

Decisions ,decisions. To save, invest or pay off debt. What are you going to do?

Decisions ,decisions. To save, invest or pay off debt. What are you going to do?

I admit I was afraid to start investing. I didn’t know how to choose a stock, or if I would lose all my money. Luckily I had an older cousin that was there to teach me the dos and don’ts of investing. He had been investing for years and was seeing pretty good results. Until then I didn’t know anyone in my circle that was investing.
My cousin showed me how to choose what stocks to invest in and how to figure out if it’s a good company to invest in. He really made investing super easy to understand. All these years investing seemed way too complicated for me, but the way my cousin broke it down it was really simple.
I took all the knowledge that he gave me plus did more research on my own and turned it into a book for you to understand investing.

“Money is not a game. Investing for the rest of your life and the lives of your loved ones is serious business.” -Rick FerriSo

Investing for beginners
So if investing has been on your goal list for the past 2-3 years, yet you haven’t made any real progress because you’re still not sure where to start, be sure to get your copy of my investing book if you haven’t already. You can get yours here.  My book will help you understand where to get started from which stocks to choose, to how to open up a brokerage account. Your future self will thank you.

Not ready to start investing because you have a tonnnn of debt that you want to start getting rid of? Well you can pick up a copy of my book that you walk you through the steps of eliminating that debt so that you can get to the life you’ve always wanted to start living. You can pick up your copy of my debt book The Debt Slaying Challenge here! If reading isn’t your thing and you want to talk to me one on one about your money goals book your free consultation here.


I’ve put together a free tax refund plan for you to figure out where your refund money should go ahead of time.  Feel free to download the template here: My Stunning Tax Refund Planning Sheet.




  1. Pay off credit card debt- Which cards should you pay off first? Some people recommend paying off the credit card with the highest interest first, while others recommend paying off the credit card or store card that has the lowest balance first. This way you can knock out one bill at a time and can create small wins. Since you have a larger sum of money I would recommend getting rid of the card or cards with the highest interest rate to save yourself from getting charged 16-18%.
  2. Student loans- Put a portion to pay off your student loan debt.
  3. Rebuild emergency account- it’s recommended that you have at least 6 months of all your monthly bills set aside in a separate account just in case you need it. You emergency account may be running a little low especially if you dipped into it for Christmas gifts, or needed to use the money to pay off your credit card balance. Whatever you used the money for use part of your refund to build this account back up.
  4. ROTH IRA- You can never have too much retirement money, even if you’re signed up with your companies 401k a Roth IRA is still a great investment to have. A Roth IRA is another great bucket to house your investments.  It’s an investment vehicle where you can buy stocks, mutual funds, bonds, real estate or just hold cash if you wanted to.  IRA stands for individual retirement account.  You won’t receive a tax deduction on the money inside your ROTH IRA; however once you retire you will be able to take out your money without paying any taxes on it. Simply put the money in this account is taxed in the beginning.
  5. Start a business: In 2016 you really need to start thinking of ways to bring in multiple streams of income. Every one of you has skills that can be used to help someone else. If you need help on starting your side hustle be sure you listen to my podcast here with Nick Loper from Side Hustle Nation. Lots of great tips on how to get started. This gave me the motivation I needed to start my side design business. If you need designs for your brand, an e-book/ workbook, custom social media, or if you want to start a blog, but don’t know where to start I can help you here.
  6. Vacation account- Instead of swiping your credit card for that vacation how about you start saving for it early. That way when you do swipe your card you will be able to pay the balance in full that month and not have to rack up interest fees. I know a vacation is the first thing on my mind especially with all this snow we’ve been getting in Boston lately. I see myself on a beach in the very near future.
  7. Classes/ conferences-Is there a course that you’ve always wanted to take? Maybe you want to perfect your pubic speaking skills, or open up your own small business. Whatever it is you want to do I’m pretty sure there’s a class you can take to learn more about it. Conferences are also great too for networking and learning. Just because you’ve graduated school doesn’t mean that you’re done learning. You must continue to educate yourself and adding new skills to your resume.
  8. Fund a taxable account- This is another investment tool that lets your money grow for many years.  There are tons of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds to choose from.  You don’t have to be rolling in dough in order to start investing.  Every little bit of money adds up.
  9. Treat yourself– You’ve worked hard this year take a little bit of that money to buy yourself something nice.



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