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November 30, 2015

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November 30, 2015

Sometimes you have to retire your ideas like Kobe Bryant

November 30, 2015

Sometimes you have to retire your idea like Kobe Bryant

What’s up Errybody!

Long time no see, wait I mean long time no write. I haven’t written a new post in a while. My apologies I’ve been super busy with my stupid ideas. (alright my ideas aren’t really stupid) I wanted to create a part two to this post.

A friend of mine text me on Thursday asking me what happened to my “Start your stupid idea post”?  They were looking for it, but couldn’t find it on my website. That’s because I deleted it. Whoops.

To make it up to you I’ve created a part two and it’s better than part one.


Book: whatever you think think the opposite

A good idea is one that happens
One thing that will stop you from starting your idea is wondering if it’s any good. Is this a good idea? Will people be interested? Will people buy it? How do I even get started? I want to let you know that thinking about your idea isn’t work. Yes it feels like work to be thinking about it. It feels like work when you’re actually writing things down on paper, but until your idea actually happens it’s not real.

But what if my idea doesn’t work?
But what if it does? You won’t know if your idea will work until you actually get out there and try it. Once your idea is out there you will learn what works, and what doesn’t work, what to keep and what to remove.

If it doesn’t work out what will everyone think?
I want to tell you a little bit about my skincare business: “Rule no.1 Love Thyself” that I started last year (Which was the whole idea behind part one of this post). I was so excited for it.


skincare1  rule1_bg_996x519

I bought all the bottles, all of the ingredients to make the products, created a website, a logo, labels, even had a photo shoot. I felt so official.

People were actually buying my product. My product was in one hair store. At one event I had made $300 in 2 hours. It wasn’t that I wasn’t making any money; it was that I wasn’t truly passionate about it. What started off as making skin care products for myself on the side became a hassle as a business.

It became too much for me. I still had my 9-5, I still had Young Yet Wise, and now I had products to mix and ship out to customers. I had to go out and sell my products at events. I had to keep track of the finances, keep track of inventory. I was overwhelmed. I enjoyed creating and using my own products, but it was much more work than I had anticipated.

I didn’t know how to let go of it. What will everyone think? Should I make an announcement to the world and tell them I was letting go of Rule No.1 Love Thyself? I decided to reach out to a fellow entrepreneur friend of mine Lorrell for some advice. Below is the real conversation that we had, so excuse the spelling errors in advance.

The conversation:

Me: Question

Soooo I know you’ve had many brands along the way

But how did you know which one to drop

And which ones to focus on?

Because it’s a lot tryna juggle so many things.


I just followed my passion really- – I hated doing bow ties in one month, but it gave me an urge to learn to sew, I followed that and made my own brand and dropped everything else.



I agree

At least we trying though. Experimenting.

Seeing what works and what doesn’t. Still hard letting go though.


You think anybody is laughing at me for not going further with bow ties, or stopped painting sneakers, naw, they seen me go further and understand that’s my journey.

But even so it’s not about proving, it’s about improving for growth, you can’t ever care what anyone says. Especially if their not doing something themselves.


Too much to juggle two brands two accounts two websites

That’s true. Feel like I didn’t give one a chance to really grow before I started something new

Because I can’t be still lol

Now I feel like I gotta choose one or both will suffer

Because none will get 100%… See if I would of just started off building Candice Marie the person then it would of been easier.


Well start building Candice Marie now everything else should fall in place after that. Gotta build yourself.


Build Candice Marie the person.

But it’s like what about Young Yet Wise and Rule No.1 so they just disappear…


Naw, Candice Marie is the umbrella site.


An umbrella site…

Guess whatever you start to focus on more people will gravitate towards that.


Yeah as long as it’s authentic to who you are.

Now if I started a website on cooking, might throw people off because I’m not known for that. But if they see it’s my passion as opposed to my hustle they’ll gravitate to it.

People don’t want to feel hustled


And that’s where my skincare is conflicting with me because skincare is cool, but am I passionate about it? I brought nourish your mind and newsletters over to my skincare brand, but clearly I’m more focused on content and helping people grow their brands, their finances, relationships, or just into positive people in general.

Which is what I love about Young Yet Wise.

But when you dropped things did you feel like you had to come out and explain to people?

Or you just deleted the website and had no explanation?


I see, no need for explanation

Just let your next move over shadow the last.

I found this old FMF Collection booklet we made, and in it we had an explanation on why it’s been taking us so long to put product out. I shook my head an laughed, no one cared, and no one needed an explanation, unless they had some sort of financial investment in it, it’s as if we were admitting defeat.


I see, Lol no one cared

All in our head

Thanks man appreciate it

Hopefully my next move will be my best move

Everything will workout, whichever path I decide to embark on

Not hopefully, hope isn’t a strategy, its a choice, keep writing down your goals until they become practical.


Got it. True when you have a clear view of what you want. It aligns. Doors open. Your right, hope isn’t a strategy. I mean I believe we are where we are from the decisions and choices we’ve made.

You have to know mentally what you want first so you can map it out on paper and make moves towards that.

Because if not you will just be scattered

Days will pass and what have you done to achieve your goal and maybe I have too many right now need to focus on one and go hard on that.



For more wisdom from Lorrell be sure to follow him on Twitter @lorrellwins and Instagram

At times we have to give up on certain ideas.
Kobe Said it best “I’ve known for awhile. … I had to accept the fact I don’t want to do this any more. And I’m okay with that.” Kobe Bryant

 There is no failing either you win or you learn.

Whatever idea you decide to create you will learn so much. You will learn what you like to do, and what you don’t like to do. Ultimately that’s what life is all about.
I’m glad I created my skincare business. I learned what I liked about business and what I didn’t like about business. For example I’m really not a fan of shipping products. If you don’t price your shipping correctly it will start to cut into your profit. I wanted something I could create that I didn’t have to ship. Bingo a few months later I created an e-book and guess what I didn’t have to ship it out. (E-book is still available for purchase here)


My e-book was e-mailed to people as soon as they purchased it. #YASSSS #Winning!
I also learned that I was passionate about helping people grow their brands, their finances, and inspiring them to just want a better life in general.

In the next few weeks I will finally be launching a new brand that’s more inline with me as a person and I’m so excited. Don’t worry Young Yet Wise will still be here. For the rest of 2015 I’ll mostly be focused on my debt challenge (Last week was week 6 and collectively we’ve paid off over $22,000 of debt whoop woot!) so I won’t be writing as much.

Stop wondering and start creating.

I wanted to write this post to share with you some behind the scenes thoughts on what you go through when you’re building a brand. It’s not always a walk in the park. There are many struggles, but they teach you so many lessons. So if you’re wondering if you should start your idea. Stop wondering and start creating.


With all my love,

Candice Marie


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