How to create a blog website: Top tips I wish I knew before I started

February 25, 2016

How not to feel bad for charging what you’re worth

February 25, 2016

Ways to make money: Why one source of income isn’t enough

February 25, 2016
How to start a blog
Ways to make money: why one source of income isn't enough

Ways to make money: Why one source of income isn’t enough

You may face challenges along the way, but just remember that you will rise above those challenges because you are an RIT graduate. We have prepared you for the real world, so even when life doesn’t go as planned and you are faced with troubling circumstances, you will overcome them.

“Next stop fields corner” the train conductor announced, interrupting my daydream of Commencement Day. As I picked up my gym bag off the seat next to me, I thought “This isn’t where I planned to be.”

Eight months ago I was sitting in my cap and gown, waiting to cross the stage and receive my diploma, and now here I was unemployed.

I had been at my job for 6 months, and they told me that they didn’t have enough work and funds for two designers. I was crushed. What am I supposed to do now? Did everyone else in the office know that I was being laid off? I was not prepared for this.

Luckily I had been saving some money in my emergency fund. While I applied for other jobs I teamed up with my friend Kevin who was a developer and we joined forces to help other companies with their websites. This brought in income for me. Thank God for freelancing.

School doesn’t exactly prepare you for being laid off.

Our whole four years at school are structured around working for someone else. So when I was knocked off of my feet I didn’t know what to do. I just knew that I had to make money.
One stream of income isn’t safe. Look at what happened to all of those Walmart workers or insert any huge company that has layoffs. No one is safe and you must create a safe income on your own so that you can be in control.

I’m not saying any of this to scare you. I’m just telling you this because I want you to be prepared. I want you to start figuring out your passions and your skills so that if one day you are knocked off your feet you won’t feel as though you’re starting from square one. It’s imperative today to have more than one source of income.

If you haven’t started thinking about what are some ways you can bring in extra money, that should be your main goal this week.

Ask yourself what is a problem that I can help people solve? It doesn’t have to be your dream business, but any idea you to get you up and running will give you the practice and courage that you need to move forward. Figure out what works and what doesn’t work. It’s all a process.

I know it’s not easy trying to figure out your passion or what problems that you can solve, but it’s necessary. It will be hard work, but you can’t be afraid to work hard. You can’t be afraid to work for yourself. It’s easy to go home every day and do nothing. It’s easy to go home every day and watch TV and watch everyone else live out their dreams and their life while you just watch with a glass of wine. The easy route is crowded darling. Step into the hard working lane. Your future self will thank you.

More on figuring out how to start a side hustle here. Need help paying down your debt grab your free debt workbook here!

Your job will never be able to fulfill you 100%.

If you think that a dream job exists for you out there, Congratulations, you just played yourself. The dream job that exists is the one that you’re going to have to work for and create for yourself. What do you enjoy doing? What gives you that feeling of happiness.

I’m not downing having a 9-5 because my 9-5 has helped me be more creative and has also helped me take my net worth from negative to positive. What I am saying  is that it’s time for you to create a side hustle if you feel as though you need to make more money. Many people are not happy with their jobs, and so they leave their current job and find another one. Except when they get to their next job eventually they start to feel the same way, empty inside as if something is missing.

Think about it this week as you have feelings of happiness write down why. We need to figure this out this year. Even if you’re not planning on quitting your job I want you to, at least, figure out your passions. If you want to bring in more income and you are happy with your job instead of waiting for you raise maybe you can find clients that are willing to pay you for the exact thing that you’re already going at your 9-5. And guess what you can set your own hours or project rate, you can set your own schedule, and even choose which clients you want to work with.

You have to find ways to raise your income on your own because at the end of the day no one is going to care more about your money than you.

In 2016, we can’t afford to only rely on one source of income. Rent is increasing, food prices are increasing, transportation costs are going up and so your income needs to match. Your income needs to rise more than every year because of a raise. You have to find ways to raise your income on your own because at the end of the day no one is going to care more about your money than you. No one is going to care whether you feed your family, but you. No one is going to care if you have enough money to cover your bills, but you.

You must find a way to make multiple streams of income. If you haven’t already listen to my interview I did with Nick Loper from side hustle nation. Shoot, I listened to Nick Loper and started my own design side hustle. (Need designs for your brand or blog hire me here)


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