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July 20, 2015

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July 20, 2015

What I want every multi-passionate entrepreneur to know

July 20, 2015

What I want every multi-passionate entrepreneur to know

Dear multi-passtionate entrepreneur,

It’s ok to be passionate about more than one thing.

Let me say that again, I don’t think the people in the back heard me. It’s ok to be passionate about more than one thing.

If you were looking for permission there I just promoted all of you to wonderful multi passionate super heroes. Now go follow your dreams and save the world.

If only it were that easy right? You may be struggling to figure out your next move because you have so many things you want to do, but where do you start?

It’s like we’re allowed to like multiple kinds of candy, yet we’re supposed to only have one dream. I shouldn’t even be using candy as an example because it’s the enemy and I believe the candy companies are secretly working with the dentist, but that’s a post for a later time. #hatethedentist

Anyway, Sometimes having multiple things you want to do can keep you from pursing anything at all.

Or having too many things going on at once will only allow you time to make each project that you’re working on mediocre instead of allowing yourself to make one project really amazing and then move on to the next one.

 I too use to struggle with multipassion-itis. (lol I know it’s not a real word)

What has helped me, is knowing that I’m not giving up on a passion, but coming back to it later while I nourish another one and let that one flourish.

Think of your dreams kind of like that one guy or girl that told you that the timing wasn’t right at the moment, but maybe in a few years yall could make it work. (Even though this never works, they’re lying let them go)

Actually don’t think of that.  Think of Oprah. Today she has a magazine, Her OWN Network, books, etc. However when she first started we only knew her as a news anchor. She took years to perfect and build her craft as a news anchor/ TV host.

Once she was able to build her brand and a trusted audience they would be there to support Oprah on anything she decided to come out with, but in the beginning she only focused on one thing at a time.

I know at times we feel as if our dreams are like Pokemon cards and we have to collect em all.

And that life is so short you must get everything done really fast.

However, life is long and you have time to perfect one dream at a time. Get that one mastered then move on and work on the next one.

 Some people may be able to juggle multiple passions at once, however this is what has worked for me.

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