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About is a place people can go to build their future, differently. It’s for those seeking ways to save money, pay off debt, and make wiser money choices. Young Yet Wise features posts on making money, eliminating debt, investing, healthy recipes and inspiration on life as well as articles on productivity and working towards your dreams.

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Meet Candice Marie:


Candice Marie is passionate about helping people take control of their finances.  She started the blog Young Yet Wise as a way to document her own money journey, as a result she’s managed to bring her net worth from the negatives into the positives and wants to help others do the same. Recently she helped 10 people get rid of $39,500 worth of debt in just 11 weeks. She’s talking all about the strategies she used in her new book, The Debt Slaying Challenge: Eliminating Debt Fast. Candice enjoys long walks to the bank, eating dark chocolate, working out and reading personal finance books. Her motto is be wise, stay humble and build.