The Debt Slaying Challenge: Eliminating Debt Fast

If you paid off all of your debt within the next year, what would you do with the extra money?

Learn how to kick that credit card debt and school loans to the curb, so that you can move on to your real life goals. (Like traveling, saving, buying a home and investing.)

You have dreams of being debt free, but you’ve been falling short trying to do it on your own and you need support paying off debt, this is the right book for you.

Think about this…

What would it mean to not have to stress about your debt anymore?

To be able to finally start investing, or put more money towards your investments?

To have a plan to get rid of your debt, so that you could move on to your real money goals. Like traveling more often. Or just being able to help your friends or family in a time of need without feeling like you can’t help because of your debt.

How about finally being able to have a peace of mind and not getting anxiety every time you get paid because you feel limited to the amount of money you have.

Imagine finally being able to be free to use more of your money towards the things you actually enjoy spending your money on.

Imagine no longer being overwhelmed with your debt.

What’s inside the book?
  1. The strategies that Valeria used to pay off $8,250.81 worth of debt in 11 weeks.
  2. The strategies that Marcus used to pay off $7,880.03 worth of debt in 11 weeks.
  3. The strategies that Bianca used to pay off $7,094.48 worth of debt in 11 weeks.
  4. Week by week guide to create your own debt slaying challenge.
  5. Expert interviews: Prepare for home buying, starting a side hustle, Keeping track of your finances.