Money Mindset

Live richer by dropping these 5 bad money habits

May 29, 2016

We’re already half way through the year, you’ve probably written down your goals (Lose weight, get out of debt, save more, buy less, travel, fall in love etc) which is a great start. Now that you’ve made your goal list it’s time to take some action, because as you know without action goals are useless. Today I’m going to list 6 bad money habits that …

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7 tips to stop frivolous spending and be disciplined with money

March 18, 2016

Tools to help you with your money if you haven’t downloaded them already, get your slay your debt guide here or the financial goal workbook both are free : ) I use to love the Suze Orman show. People would call in and ask their money questions and she would answer them. Today I’m going to be like Suze Orman, the black version of course, …

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Boost your mornings with these 5 powerful money affirmations

March 14, 2016
powerful money affirmations

When I first heard about people saying morning affirmations to themselves I thought it was joke. Seriously you mean to tell me that if I just say these words to myself each day and believe that good opportunities are coming my way then they will just magically appear into my life? I thought what do I have to lose. I’ve heard about the power of …

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The financial obstacle you must overcome to achieve wealth

September 1, 2015

The  financial obstacle you must overcome to achieve wealth “My problem has always been spending just a bit too much than I should. Just because I have it I feel like I need to spend it on things I want.” In order to master your financial obstacles you must train your brain to change it’s “wants”. If you want to be financially free, if you …

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